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"We seek to create a life transforming learning
environment that will mold young men and women
into future leaders for Rwanda...
men and women whose lives fully reflect the
character qualities and leadership principles
embodied in the life of Jesus.


The Cornerstone Leadership Academy in Rwanda opened in 2007, and is situated on top of a hill overlooking lake Muhazi, in the highlands of Eastern Rwanda, 40 mins drive from Kigali town. This boarding school is a co-ed campus, empowering both young men and young women in the same learning environment.

Key commitment areas:
- discipleship and character development
- servant leadership mentoring.
- unity across diversity
- Academic excellence through hard work and continuous improvement
- priority to long term relationship.

Musha sector
Rwamagana district
Eastern province
5kms from kabuga kamusha


Students of the Cornerstone Leadership Academy are admitted on a scholarship basis only, in that, out of thousands of applicants each year scholarships are awarded to the best 20 boys and 20 girls each year to make up the entire class cohort. Our students do not pay fees so we give priority to those that are financially disadvantaged but are able to meet all other expectation, so financial need alone does not qualify one for admission. Admitted students are also required to do a work contribution while at the academy and are required to do community service every term.


Co-curricular activities: In addition to academic subjects, students must participate in our character development curriculum in which we teach the timeless, universal principles like forgiveness, honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, hard work, humility, and service to the less fortunate - as exemplified in the teachings of Jesus and the perennial wisdom of all traditions – but without affiliation to any one institutional religious group.

Note – Students must be willing to participate fully in sessions covering Discipleship Materials, Character Development, Leadership Principles and Social Events - any student not interested in these does not qualify to join the academy.


As a way of reaching out we are also involved in:
- Students leadership workshops [invite other students from other schools]
- Students leadership conferences in different provinces every year
- Do community service in the neighborhood
- Our students are involved in extracurricular activities (i.e. music and drama and have been able to produce various music albums and educative movies)


Every year we graduate students out of the leadership course and are given certificates
Academic combinations available 2013-2014

The school has exhibited very strong academic performance and a continuous improvement. Since the establishment and so far all our graduates have been able to join different universities in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, North America and the USA.
Academic achievement

2009- cla was the 15th in the country on the national exam
2010- cla was the 8th in the country
2011- cla was no 1 in the country in both arts and sciences
2012 – there was no ranking of schools as said by the honorable minister of education but cla was appreciated and given a recognition by the governor of eastern province as the top school on the A-level national exam in the eastern province



Post Address
P.O. Box 3793 Kigali, Rwanda

CLARwanda (at)
Sambirondwa (at)

Headmaster: +250 788 409 858
Administrator: +250 788 542 423
Kigali office: +250 785 025 231

Physical Location
Musha Rutoma,
Ramagana District



news ch 9news ch 9

news ch 9news ch 9