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School motto: “God is our light and strength”

The mission statement: To be a team that strives:
“to provide modern secondary school education based on Godly discipline and principles, sound character development, and promotion of good social virtues that glorify the almight God and promote academic excellence”


Founding Body:
The parents and entire community of Ntuuti and the surrounding areas with Cornerstone Development (Uganda) Ltd, opened EKT S.S. in January 2003.

The school will teach all the essential subjects which the Ministry of Education and Sports has formulated(i.e. Sciences, Humanities and Languages) together with character and leadership principles that equip youth to lead effective living in the challenging world of today with keen interest in promotion of Science Education

The school is managed by the Board of Governors(Directors), Board of Trustees who are charged with formulation of the policies and principles of the school and their implementation in line with the provisions of the Education Act(1995) and the mission of Cornerstone Development.

Mixed day and boarding secondary school for both ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels boys and girls.

The teaching Staff:
The school is blessed with only professionally trained and registered graduate teachers who are experienced and well motivated, handling all fields of education.



‘0’ Level
- Black trousers and white short sleeved shirt
- Black skirt and white short sleeved blouse
- Black leather shoes and white stockings
- Grey T-shirt
- Navy blue sweater
- Sports wear
-Tie (black and white stripes)

‘A’ Level
- Brown trousers and yellow long sleeved shirt
- Brown skirt and yellow long sleeved blouse
- Black leather shoes and white stockings
- Orange T-shirt
- Brown sweater
- Sports wear
- Tie (Coffee brown and cream stripes)

Scholastic Materials:
- Graph Book(96 pages or 200 pages) 4 pcs
- Exercise books 2 dozen incl. squared books
- 12 Pens (blue/black) and 4 pencils at least.
- 2 Art books for classes S1&S2, then any student taking this subject from S3-6.
- Mathematics sets
- Scientific calculator
- Dictionary
- Bible
- Textbooks for personal use in areas of:
- English
- Mathmatics
- Physics
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Slashers for ‘O’ level students
- Hoes fitted with a handle for S.5 students

Co-curricular activities:
In addition to academic subjects, students must participate in our character development curriculum in which we teach the timeless, universal principles like forgiveness, honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, hard work, humility, and service to the less fortunate - as exemplified in the teachings of Jesus and the perennial wisdom of all traditions – but without affiliation to any one institutional religious group.



Post Address
P.O. Box 9242
Kampala, Uganda

Cornerstone head office: 0414-251-910/1
School head office: 0392-841-369
Headteacher: 0782-479-662
Deputy: 0782-931-870

Physical Location
Ekitangaala Ranch, Ntuuti Village
Kakooge Sub County - Nakasongola district
(12km east of Kakooge Trading Center
- off Kampala/Gulu Highway)