With the overarching vision of developing the cornerstones of Africa’s next generation, our strategic approach has been to invest deeply in a few, who will, over the course of their lives, positively impact many more. To this end, our teachers and administrators strive to be more than just vessels of knowledge or instruction, but rather, to be mentors investing in our the students, nurturing them holistically in order to unleash their real potential and purpose in life.


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All of our schools follow national education curriculum of the country in which they are based. Each of our schools offer different combinations of subjects depending on both the schools infrastructural capacity and the respective national curriculum requirements.

In all of our Leadership Academies, we have consistently performed in the top 95% of schools taking the national, standardized High School final exams.

We realize that good academic performance is not just about one’s mental capacity, but on supportive, holistic environment. Our experience has been, that when a student is healthy socially, physically, and spiritually, they will perform better mentally.


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In addition to the various national academic curriculums, we also teach character development, discipleship in the principles and precepts of Jesus – as well as various leadership empowerment programs that are based around deep mentoring relationships. It is this dimension of our model that we feel makes our program truly unique and shapes our entire institutional identity. This aspect of our program is taught formally in a weekly classroom lessons - however, we also have come to realize that the most effective instruction to this end, occurs informally, being transmitted through 24/7 immersion in our school community culture.

Because so many of our young people have come form broken homes or lacked strong family support - we have taken on the organizational culture that can be described as a big “family of friends” - this means we see relationships as primary and tasks as secondary. We often say that ‘what we do, flows out of who we are’.


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In each of the countries we operate within, we seek in the composition of our school population to replicate the diversity reflected in the national demographics. To this end, we take in young men and women from all the different tribal, and religious backgrounds that exist in a given country. This special emphasis on reconciliation across the various divisions in society, is part of our contribution towards a new generation of leaders who can transcend the ethnic and religious biases that have created conflict while sharing a vision to positively impact their communities and nations.

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The schools are really just the beginning of a long-term relationship with these young people that continues on into University and beyond with a vision: To create a life long brotherhood & sisterhood of friends in the spirit of Jesus that will support each other in a movement of "men of integrity” and “women of virtue.”

We have weekly meetings at their various colleges so as to maintain our relationship and commitment to the values we hold in common and an annual retreat for all our past graduates.

As of 2013, we now have about 800 alumni that have come up through the program since we began. So, this dream is steadily becoming a reality. Many are in positions of leadership at their respective colleges and the university. Others in more quiet ways are making a positive impact on those around them. The long term potential to positively influence society is increasingly becoming evident as we see the maturity and commitment exhibited in the lives of these future leaders who are working together to make a difference.