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"We seek to create a life transforming learning
environment that will mold young men and women
into future leaders for Uganda...
men and women whose lives fully reflect the
character qualities and leadership principles
embodied in the life of Jesus.


Cornerstone's work in education began 1994 with a Leadership Academy for boys. Set on the serene grazing pastures of Ekitangaala Ranch in southern Nakasongola District, this school was the birthplace of a vision to transform the education sections in East Africa. Ten years later, in 2004, the girls campus was opened, between the boys campus and Kampala in order to expand our capacity to work with young ladies.

Cornerstone Leadership Academies are “Advanced Level” boarding, high schools that aim at molding young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, but with high potential - into future leaders.

Out of several hundred applicants each year 25 young men and 25 young women are selected from all over the country on the basis of leadership potential, financial need, academic potential and a willingness to study principles of leadership and character development. In Uganda this level of High School covers two years so we have 100 students in these schools at a time. A big part of the aims of this program is to teach young future leaders from various religious backgrounds and different tribes – to learn to live together as brothers and sisters – as part of a movement of men of integrity and women of virtue united under principles, precepts and person of Jesus Christ. The cirriculum follows the national material taught to prepare students for the UNEB exams. In addition to the academic studies our program also involves a comprehensive discipleship and charecter development program that empowers our young men and women to become leaders in all walks of life.



Students of the Cornerstone Leadership Academies are admitted on a scholarship basis only, in that, out of thousands of applicants each year scholarships are awarded to the best 25 boys and 25 girls each year to make up the entire class cohort. Students who receive these scholarships do not pay school fees.

In addition to the academic subjects - students must be willing to participate fully in sessions covering Discipleship Materials, Character Development, Leadership Principles and Social Events.

Co-curricular activities: In addition to academic subjects, students must participate in our character development curriculum in which we teach the timeless, universal principles like forgiveness, honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, hard work, humility, and service to the less fortunate - as exemplified in the teachings of Jesus and the perennial wisdom of all traditions – but without affiliation to any one institutional religious group.

Other Co-curricular activities also include sports, debate forums, community outreach, participation in the Nile Awards, amonth others.


CLA GIRLS: SCHOOL MOTTO: “Women of virtue” [Proverbs 31:10]

CLA Girls offers both science and arts subjects. These are: History, Economics , Geography, Christian Religious Education, Entrepreneurship, Physics, and Mathematics. The subsidiary subjects offered are subsidiary Math’s, subsidiary computer and General paper.

The school has a well stocked library, science laboratory and computer laboratory.

The school is fully registered by the ministry of Education and sports as Girls boarding secondary school REG. no PSS/C/80 and with its own centre number U2101.


CLA BOYS: SCHOOL MOTTO: “without a vision people perish” [prov: 29:18]

Academic subjects offered at CLA Boys are History, Divinity, Economics, Geography, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Kiswahili, Mathmatics, Entrepreneurship and General Paper.

The school has a well stocked library, science laboratory and computer laboratory. The school is fully registered by the ministry of Education and sports with its own centre number U0729.



Post Address
BOYS/GIRLS (please specify)
P.O. Box 9242 Kampala, Uganda

Head office: 0414-251-910/1
CLA boys: 0774-068-314
CLA girls: 0772-848-573

Physical Location
CLA boys: Ekitangaala Ranch (turn at Kakoge) - Nakasongola District
CLA girls: 3km north of Matuuga town - Wakiso District



news ch 9news ch 9

news ch 9news ch 9